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There is nothing better than the feeling after you’ve completed a hard bike ride. Aside, perhaps, from completing a hard bike ride to raise money for two great charities. The Hilly Valley Classic offers you the chance to do that on the 5th August 2023.

We want to do things differently to the other sportives out there. We’re not charging you the usual £30-60 entry fee. Instead, we want you to come and ride our event for free and donate that money to the two charities; CALM and My Name’5 Doddie. In exchange, we’ll give you the route, people to ride it with, and maybe even some surprises along the way.

Whether the Hilly Valley Classic runs for 100 years or just the one, if you do it in 2023 you will be a pioneer. One of the first 150 riders to take part in what is arguably the toughest charity ride in the whole of the UK.

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